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D arcy

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Origin Of The Surname D arcy

Meaning Of The Surname D arcy

From Arcy

Interesting Facts About D arcy

Darcy is a surname that has two separate sources, one French and one Irish. In French it would have been introduced to Britain by invading Normans, and would have been a locational surname originating from Arcy in France. Locational surnames were traditionally given to someone who had moved away to a new area, whereby they were assigned the name of their original home as a surname to differentiate them from the other townspeople. In Irish it goes back to the Gaelic O’Dorchaidhe, a patronymic surname meaning ‘Descendant of the Dark One’. However, because of the apostrophe in this name it is more likely to be a compound of the French De Arcy.

D arcy Statistics

D arcy is the number 1479 ranked surname in the United Kingdom. According to our statistics around 6,599 share the surname D arcy in the UK.

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