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Origin Of The Surname Lawler

Meaning Of The Surname Lawler

Descendant of the One who was Unwell

Interesting Facts About Lawler

Lawler is an Anglicisation of the Old Gaelic surname O’Leathlobhair. The prefixe ‘O’ in this name denotes that it is patronymic. Traditionally, Gaelic patronymic surnames were given to pass down the name of a clan chieftain or revered elder. In this case the name being passed down is Leathlobhair, which is composed of the Gaelic ‘leath’ meaning partially and ‘labor’ meaning ill. Unfortunately, this name seems to refer to one who was ill.

Lawler Statistics

Lawler is the number 1226 ranked surname in the United Kingdom. According to our statistics around 8,149 share the surname Lawler in the UK.

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