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Origin Of The Surname Hagan

Meaning Of The Surname Hagan

Descendant of the Fiery One

Interesting Facts About Hagan

Hagan is the anglicised version of an old Gaelic surname mainly found in Ireland. It comes from the old surname O'hAodhagain. The prefixed ‘O’ in this surname denotes that it is patronymic, and was given to pass on a name to a male descendant. Traditionally, Gaelic patronymic names passed down not the name of the father, but the name of a clan chieftain or revered elder. The name in this case is ‘Aodh’ which means fire and was the name of an old pagan god of fire. The original bearer of this name would therefore have been widely respected to have earned this name. It could have been given as a nickname to a person with a fiery temper.

Hagan Statistics

Hagan is the number 888 ranked surname in the United Kingdom. According to our statistics around 11,144 share the surname Hagan in the UK.

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