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Origin Of The Surname Kearns

Meaning Of The Surname Kearns


Interesting Facts About Kearns

Kearns seems to have spate origins and meanings. It could be of German origin and come from the word ‘gern’ which is said to mean ‘yearning’ and was an element found in first names such as the now extinct ‘Kernwin’. Because of this its use as a surname could have been patronymic. However, in Germany it is also used as a locational surname, given to people from the town ‘Kern’. Alternatively it could be of Irish origin, where it is thought like the first name ‘Kierin’ to originate from a Gaelic word meaning ‘Dark One’, and in this case also it would probably have been patronymic.

Kearns Statistics

Kearns is the number 854 ranked surname in the United Kingdom. According to our statistics around 11,386 share the surname Kearns in the UK.

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