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Origin Of The Surname Williams

Meaning Of The Surname Williams

Descendant of William

Interesting Facts About Williams

Williams came about as a way to pass down the father’s first name or the ruler of the household and could be given to servants as well as children so it means ‘Descendant of William’. This surname is particularly common in Wales. William is an English surname of Germanic origin and is made up of two words; ‘will’ meaning like the English will, desire, and also ‘helm’ referring to protection as in ‘helmet’. Robbie Williams and Robin Williams are probably the most famous bearers of the name. Robbie is a globally famous British singer and newly re-acquainted member of the band Take That. Robin Williams is an American film star from films such as Mrs. Doubtfire and Hook.

Williams Statistics

Williams is the number 4 ranked surname in the United Kingdom. According to our statistics around 411,385 share the surname Williams in the UK.

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